Welcome to Polka Dot Koffie. Originally born in Melbourne, Australia out of a passion and a willingness to do good from a quality cup of koffie! While we have a cycling theme, we are here for all coffee lovers looking for something a little different. We believe in supplying great local coffee for all and in return we donate a percentage of our success to good causes like the RCD Foundation, Melbourne. Now we are a UK based company, we cannot wait to support local causes.

We have road tested, tasted and created amazing beans, and we are proud to bring you our special UK roasted 100% Arabica beans. Each bag is foil sealed to keep the freshness inside ready for you to unlock its taste and plan your next adventure.

We hope you enjoy our coffee beans and see you back here again soon. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram, share your adventures with us and see where the donations go. Get in touch anytime via the email address below.

Happy grinding,


Polka Dot Koffie

polkadotkoffie@gmail.com | @polkadotkoffie